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Scott Brown is Pro-Gun

Conservatives are, unbelievably, blaming Scott Brown for losing the health-care vote.  Once again, they are calling him a RINO – as in, “we elected a RINO and we still got this lousy health-care bill.”  Never mind that the critical vote took place in that other chamber, the House of Representatives.  Never mind that America faces an epic financial crisis.  These people continue to believe that all Republicans must be anti-gay and anti-abortion.

The mighty conservative movement has dwindled to just two issues.  Jeremiah would like them to consider a third – Scott Brown is pro-gun.  He has an “A” rating from the NRA and he has worked steadily to liberalize gun laws in Massachusetts.  This is a red-meat Republican issue, and it also shows Senator Brown to be a hardworking and competent legislator.

The story of Senator Brown should inspire all gun owners, particularly those who live in states where attacks on our rights are common.  – Chris Cox, NRA Director

RINO hunters should consider this sequence of events – we demand a “true conservative,” as Sarah Palin did in NY-23, and we lose.  The Democrats then take away our guns, as well as our money.

Surveys show that Tea Party supporters do not want to split the Republican vote.  But purging moderates like Scott Brown, Charlie Crist and John McCain will have the same effect – more Democrats in Congress.

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Health Care Disaster

Well, that was a partisan debacle.  Speaker Pelosi put too much energy into “making history” and not enough into reading it.   Johnson-era lawmakers could not predict that their programs would later drag America toward bankruptcy.  Today, we can, and House Democrats have pretended not to see the consequences.

So you pass a very unpopular bill.  You shove it down the throats of the American people and you lose your majority.  How smart is that? – Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)

In fairness, not all Democrats are profligates.  A list of the thirty-four who voted against the bill is posted here.  The other 219 have to go.  America desperately needs to stop spending, or we will be the next Greece.

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Here’s That Chart Again

The Republican Party is not the only one struggling with doctrinal purity.  As MSNBC reports, there are divisions among Democrats as well.  Centrists from both parties have been purged recently, in doctrinally-motivated primary challenges.

White House adviser David Axelrod is still confident the Democrats will pull together in November.  He says there is a “fundamental split” distinguishing his party from the Republicans.  The Coke-versus-Pepsi metaphor is really apt here.  The two parties – like the sugary drinks – are indistinguishable, but marketing men like Mr. Axelrod have generated a bloodthirsty culture war over this supposed split.

As a guide to party purity, we present below the updated Four Squares of Jeremiah.

So, Democrats like Blanche Lincoln are punished by – guess who – the unions, for drifting rightward, and (ex-) Republicans like Arlen Specter are punished for drifting “leftward,” or UP in the diagram.

The Republicans can always get out the vote by putting some gay-bashing measure on the ballot, and the Democrats rally their base by promising ever-bigger handouts.

Individual candidates on both sides are eager to quit the bad habits associated with their parties, but their handlers have grown dependent on this electoral shorthand.  Americans must stop voting along party lines, and start looking at what each candidate really stands for.

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Don’t Mess with Textbooks

Conservatives on the Texas Board of Education are enjoying their majority – dictating which opinions will become required reading for Texan school kids.  For instance, America is no longer to be described as a “democracy.”

The left is apoplectic, of course, because textbooks designed for Texas will spill over into other states.  In fairness, the left is generally much stronger in the schools – and the new curriculum is less egregious than advertised.  The school board left science alone, and focused on social topics which are politicized anyway.

The real question is why politically-motivated amateurs of any stripe are allowed to set standards for our schools.  If parents paid the bills – directly, instead of through millage dollars – they would never tolerate such nonsense.  Parents have very clear objectives for education, and brainwashing isn’t one of them.

Wherever is found what is called a paternal government, there is found state education. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery – Benjamin Disraeli

One feature in the controversy was where to find the “separation of church and state” clause in the Constitution (the 1st Amendment).  Now if we only could find the same clause for schools.

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That Pesky 14th Amendment

How are gun rights like gay rights?  Jeremiah has written that “rights are rights,” no matter what, and the Supreme Court seems to agree.  Interestingly, the same 14th amendment approach that was used to defend gay rights in California is now being used to defend gun rights in Chicago.

No State shall make or enforce any law which abridges the privileges of citizens of the United States.

The point to this amendment is that all Americans have certain basic rights – notably black Americans, in the historical context.  The states can add rights, but not subtract them.

We are seeing more lawyers appeal to this notion of “basic rights,” as states have become more aggressive about abridging them.  So, what’s next?  Abridging our rights at the federal level.

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Come Back, America!

Now, here’s a guy who can make you wake up screaming.  David M. Walker, former Comptroller General of the United States, was on the radio yesterday.  He laid out exactly how broke America is, and what the consequences are likely to be.  Stephen King has nothing on Mr. Walker.  He is also a former head of Jeremiah’s favorite former government agency, the GAO.  You can see a video of him here.  Oops, no you can’t!  The 404 errors have started already.

In the interview, Walker scares the hell out of Terry Gross.  Naturally, she blames it all on president Bush.  Walker’s senate testimony, however, states that the crisis will not be solved by ending the war, ending earmarks, cutting defense, lapsing the Bush tax cuts or ending “waste & fraud.”  He is after the big nut, the structural deficit, which means Social Security.

Surprisingly, Walker does not want to privatize social security.  He just wants Congress to stop stealing from it.  He casually mentions “Social Security cash surpluses, which have been used to help finance other government activities.”  What?  Our contributions aren’t sitting in a bond fund?

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Taxpayers Forced to Fund Abortions

It was grim watching Mitt Romney take his ritual beating on Fox News.  He was on the program to promote his new book and, obviously, his 2012 presidential bid.  The book, titled “No Apology,” is a defense of American exceptionalism, and Mr. Romney wanted to talk about geopolitics.

This is a book about what we need to do to strengthen America globally and make sure that our geopolitical position and military position is stronger.

His interviewer, however, wanted to talk about health care and abortion.  On even-numbered days, the right attacks president Obama for being “stuck” on health care.  This was Sunday, though, and time to pillory Mr. Romney for his own efforts on the matter.  The argument, tortured as it was, seemed to be that since Congress is slowly coming around to a plan much like then-Governor Romney’s – that plan must be a bad one.

Mr. Romney is a successful businessman with a solid record of administrative skills.  By contrast with professional politicians, he can be relied upon to balance budgets, meet deadlines, etc.  He is not, however, a good dissembler – and so, probably unelectable.  After a prolonged beating on health care, Chris Wallace got round to his coup de grace.  He accused Mr. Romney of “flip-flopping” on abortion.

Mr. Romney stammered and made an excuse for leaving “social issues” out of his book.  It looked an awful lot like flip-flopping.  If he wants to be president, Mr. Romney must learn to control the debate.  He should have cited his honest opinion on the matter, something like, “I don’t care a fig about your social issues – not while Iran is building the bomb.”

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