Here’s That Chart Again

The Republican Party is not the only one struggling with doctrinal purity.  As MSNBC reports, there are divisions among Democrats as well.  Centrists from both parties have been purged recently, in doctrinally-motivated primary challenges.

White House adviser David Axelrod is still confident the Democrats will pull together in November.  He says there is a “fundamental split” distinguishing his party from the Republicans.  The Coke-versus-Pepsi metaphor is really apt here.  The two parties – like the sugary drinks – are indistinguishable, but marketing men like Mr. Axelrod have generated a bloodthirsty culture war over this supposed split.

As a guide to party purity, we present below the updated Four Squares of Jeremiah.

So, Democrats like Blanche Lincoln are punished by – guess who – the unions, for drifting rightward, and (ex-) Republicans like Arlen Specter are punished for drifting “leftward,” or UP in the diagram.

The Republicans can always get out the vote by putting some gay-bashing measure on the ballot, and the Democrats rally their base by promising ever-bigger handouts.

Individual candidates on both sides are eager to quit the bad habits associated with their parties, but their handlers have grown dependent on this electoral shorthand.  Americans must stop voting along party lines, and start looking at what each candidate really stands for.

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