Arizona Has Rights, Too

Janet Murguia, President of La Raza, expressed concern over Arizona’s new immigration law.  She fears it will lead to racial profiling, wherein lawful Mexican immigrants will be harassed by the police.  Indeed, it would be wrong for the police to assume that all Mexicans in Arizona are there illegally.  Experts estimate 460,000 of them are illegal, roughly 23%.

On the other hand, if all such laws are deemed “racist,” then Arizona has no way to protect itself from illegal immigration – and Arizona has a serious crime problem.

The Arizona legislature acted for one reason and that is because the federal government did not act and carry out its responsibility to secure our borders.

Hispanic leaders like Ms. Murguia seem to welcome Mexican immigrants, legal or not.  This is unfair to those immigrants from all over the world, who respect our laws and go through proper channels.  There is no nation on Earth that accepts immigrants simply walking across its border.

Immigrations enforcement is about law, not race.  South Florida is filled with Cuban immigrants and no one complains, because they are here legally.  New York has plenty of successful Puerto Ricans, and would not welcome 460,000 illegal Canadians.

Arizona Senator John McCain says the administration has failed to enforce its own laws.  Ms. Murguia says it has “abdicated its responsibility.”  So, there is something both sides can agree on.


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