Don’t Eat That!

AFA Foods has filed for bankruptcy following a media campaign against their “finely textured beef” product, also known as pink slime.  The surviving producer, Beef Products, Inc., will mount a defensive campaign of their own.  The beef scraps, which might otherwise become dog food, are ground fine and then washed with ammonia, which kills the germs.

If you have ever worked in fast food, you know that those frozen pink patties are not “meat” in the normal sense of the word.  Just try thawing one out.  Yuk!  That’s why they hide it in a bun.  It is a crime that poor, uneducated people are duped into eating this.  Then they become obese, and diabetic, and a burden to Medicaid.

Raising animals for food is grossly inefficient, because while animals eat large quantities of grain, soybeans, oats, and corn, they only produce comparatively small amounts of meat, dairy products, or eggs in return. This is why more than 70 percent of the grain and cereals that we grow in this country are fed to farmed animals.

It is better not to eat meat at all.  The same quantity of beans, for instance – or an avocado – is far healthier.  The notion that you must eat meat to survive is a fraud.  Just look at muscular herbivores like gorillas and, um, beef cattle.

Furthermore, meat production is a waste of scarce resources like fresh water.  It takes 2,400 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat.  Nearly half of all the water used in the United States goes to raising animals for food.  If Americans would reduce the amount of meat we consume, starting with the pink slimy variety, we would be a richer and a healthier nation.


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