Separation of Powers

America’s Constitution lays out a sensible division of labor.  Congress sets the budget, and the president runs the country.  Congress makes laws, and the Supreme Court checks their work.  On a good day, everyone plays their position and things run smoothly.

Lately, though, the partisan culture war has overwhelmed these fine distinctions.  There is only “us versus them.”  Never mind which branch of government is relevant.  They must all pile in to defend our special interests.

For an example, choose any of the hot-button rights issues.  These are the province of state and federal legislatures, with escalation to the courts.  They are mostly not the province of the Executive – unless the Executive should choose to “bypass Congress” and rule by fiat, which in turn comes to the courts.

The pundits love this – we’ve got one chamber of Congress, but they’ve got the other. There are five of ours versus four of theirs on the Supreme Court.  We need to elect “one of us” as President, so that we can pack the Supreme Court.

If the culture war continues to trample our Constitution, it will do lasting damage to the Republic.


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