Ethiopian Hackers

Here is a heartwarming piece from DVice.  The One Laptop Per Child project has been handing out tablet computers to schoolchildren in Africa.  They had been delivering them via schools but, in this instance, they just pushed them off the truck. Not only did the kids figure out how to use the tablets, without help, they figured out how to turn on the little camera.  Since the tablets are preloaded with educational software, and the camera disabled, this was a good trick – hence the term “hacking” in the title.

The OLPC Project delivered boxes of tablets to two villages in Ethiopia, taped shut, with no instructions whatsoever.

Instructions would have been useless, because this is a remote village without written language.  Some of the comments cry colonialism, i.e., “who says kids in a remote Ethiopian village need to learn English from a tablet computer?”

Fair enough, but Jeremiah scents something even more diabolical – a plot to get rid of teachers!  We are anxiously waiting for Dr. Negroponte to distribute his magical tablets in Chicago.

See also: Dr. Sugata Mitra



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3 responses to “Ethiopian Hackers

  1. All I can say is wow and i’d like to say “I can’t believe it” but i do and I do not know what to say about it.

  2. then again i think this post is full of rubbish really!!!!!

    first of all who in their right minds will drop computers from a truck unless of course if the people are very rude, self centered and yes rude again… and for that i simply don’t buy what you saying “they just pushed them off the truck.” rubbish and for them to push them out of a truck, then those computers must be rubbish too, who will waste money building and preloading tablets , transport them and …..only to dump them out of a truck somewhere in Africa? does the world have such little respect for Africa children ? shame

    not sure why people like to paint really sick pictures and animal like behavior scenes when talking about Africa?

    like are we some kind of animals that people will even just push computers out of the trucks ? may we bite…..

    then you talking about instructions being useless because it is in a village without written a language? bull-crap…… English is the main language in Africa and taught in every school, above all print of any kind can always be found even at a back of a fucking match box……

    this village that you are writing about.. really? where is this place and if there is nothing written there, how did you find it?

    really? very strange…..

    • jeremiah757

      The post summarizes an article from DVice. Click that link. Details are there. OLPC is a reputable project. The post also alludes to comments, like yours, that Ethiopia is portrayed unfavorably in the original article.

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