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imagesThe CPAC conference showcased divisions in the Republican Party, to be expected after a disappointing election.  That is, not the presidential election, but poor results in congressional races.  Jeremiah would like to see the Republicans split up, and the Democrats, because the two-party system is useless.

Among Republicans, the split is between the electable ones and the cavemen.  We remind you of Jeremiah’s four quadrants.  Electable Republicans are northeasterners, like Scott Brown, and libertarians, like Rand Paul.  They are sometimes called RINOs, because they are “soft on family values.”


In fairness, there are still plenty of voters who want to impose Christian values on the rest of us.  They can keep the elephant.

Since this is the CPAC conference, we note that old school conservatism of the Goldwater variety was not about social issues.  It was about free enterprise, states’ rights, and limited government.  Even Ronald Reagan famously called for social issues to be put aside, a call recently echoed by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

So much for the Republican Party.  Split it, support Senator Paul, and set the Christians adrift.

The other big obstacle to multiparty politics is the success of colluding with the Executive.  Democrats are having too much fun riding President Obama’s coattails to act independently as legislators.  Jeremiah has written about this before.  People tend to blur the three branches of government.

When a Republican Congress cedes too much power to President Bush, and then a Democrat Congress cedes too much power to President Obama, the result is not a win for either party.  We now have an elected monarch and an impotent legislature.

Congressmen must think of their branch first, with its duties, and their party affiliation second.  They must restore the primacy of the Legislature, and put the Executive in its place.  First, we need a representative democracy, and then we can have multiple parties.


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