Study Hard

In response to our recent post on FAU, a reader sent this photo from the web site of another Florida college.  One of the perks of attending FGCU is that they have their own beach!  We presume these kids are resting up for the LSAT, or – maybe Trevanian was right about “four year intellectual vacations designed to prolong adolescence.”


One of the best lawyers we know majored in math.  Why math?  What does that have to do with law?  “Because it’s hard,” she said.  When you interview with a big firm, they want to know that you worked hard in college – and everybody knows math is hard.

“We choose to … do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

Fortunately, we have President Kennedy on film.  Note that he begins by praising America’s then strong capacity for hard science.

We have written before about the futility of America’s overpriced universities, and we offer this piece of advice to today’s undergraduates.  If your coursework doesn’t feel like real work, then you need to change your major.


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