Because They Can

PoliceWhat is going on with the police in America?  You know the stories.  Police beat a man to death, and then confiscate everyone’s phone.  Police Taser a man to death, invade someone’s home, and shoot a dog.

In Jeremiah’s day, the police did not look like this, and they did not behave like this.

Three officers used their Taser weapons on Kephart “without provocation or justification” for about 10 minutes, expending five cartridges.  He was overheard screaming for help, and then stopped breathing.

In the Sixties, we lived through police brutality.  Back then, we had mass protests, and we put a stop to it.  Today, the police are much scarier, and nobody is doing anything.   Jeremiah sees three trends:

  • Militarization – This has been well documented elsewhere.  To some extent, the police have had to adopt military tactics because they face threats like terrorists and drug gangs.  This promotes a siege mentality.  As Hinkle puts it, the police think they’re an occupying army.
  • Dissociation – The police don’t identify with the people they are supposed to protect.  We saw plenty of this in the Sixties.  We see it here in Turkey, and we are seeing it again today.  Dissociation is a key element in homicidal psychosis.
  •  Impunity – The police literally get away with murder.  For some reason, we have not seen mass protests, criminal charges, and civil actions. Maybe it’s apathy.  Maybe it’s the “terrorism” scam.  This trend is a real mystery.

Lord Acton said that “power corrupts.”  The way it corrupts a group is that the bad ones drive out the good.  Imagine if you were on the force with these guys.  Would you want to be in the same locker room?  The next lane at the gun range?  The good cops, who want to “protect and serve,” will transfer, quit, or retire.  The thug types are taking over.


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