Freedom of Speech

Way back in 2013, when the IRS was caught intimidating Republicans, one of their targets was groups wanting to defend the Constitution. Jon Stewart quipped, “You can see why they don’t want you to know about the Constitution.” It was not clear, previously, that the Republican party had a monopoly on the Constitution.

The left seems to think they don’t need the First Amendment anymore, because their team is on top right now. As Jeremiah has warned you, this kind of thinking is strictly for morons. Your personal freedom ratcheted down a few clicks under George Bush, and a few more clicks under Barack Obama.

This Vox article about censorship at college reads like something from China’s Cultural Revolution. Ironically, armed with only an anecdote or two, the author resorts to the same self-centered reasoning he complains of in his students. A rebuttal was rapidly posted here. Jeremiah is with the OP, though. Try to count how often you have heard of a debate being cancelled, a speaker disinvited, or a teacher fired.


An article on Popehat discusses whether obnoxious online comments constitute actionable threats. Apparently some people mouthed off about a judge, anonymously, and now the DOJ is going to hunt them down and prosecute them. No one likes these comments, but – like the IRS scandal – this is a clear case of selective prosecution. The DOJ is not going after all obnoxious comments, just anti-government comments on libertarian sites.

Yes, Virginia, there is censorship. There are certain things you can say on Facebook, or wherever, and certain things that will get you busted. Your words can get you audited, fired, or jailed. The universe of acceptable speech is defined, not objectively, but politically.

Jeremiah recalls that old sketch of Emmett Kelly sweeping up the spotlight. It doesn’t matter which direction it is moving. The point is that this bright spot of public discourse is growing smaller.

See also: Students for Liberty


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