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Moving to Canada

People are saying they will flee to Canada if Donald Trump is elected.  Canada has already endured waves of disgruntled Americans fleeing George W. Bush, and then President Obama.  The Trump case is funny, though, because of The Donald’s position on immigration.  One Twitter wag suggested that Canada should build a wall.

To gain permanent residency in Canada, you must have a sponsor, a trade, references, a background check, and speak either English or French.  The process takes at least two years.  If you sneak in and overstay your visa, you will not be able to get a driver’s license, a health card, a job, or rent an apartment.  The RCMP will hunt you down and send you back.

So, people who are offended by Trump’s remarks about immigration plan to protest by burdening the immigration system of our northern neighbor.  Funny, eh?  The only thing funnier would be if they tried moving to Mexico.

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