Jeremiah Blog Style Sheet

Titles are capitalized when they modify a name, and lower case when used as nouns:

  • “President Obama,” but
  • “The president”

Remarks about the president must be respectful, having the character of advice or constructive criticism. This is not required for remarks about any other public official.

Never use “the government” unless it is clear from context which branch, level, and agency is under discussion.

Articles are intended to coax the reader away from a familiar position, and toward the center.   Confirming an entrenched opinion is unproductive, as is attacking one.

The first reference to a public figure must supply either the full name or the title:

“Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)”

  • “Senator Kerry”
  • “John Kerry”

Subsequent references may use the last name only, but never the first name alone:

  • “Mr. Kerry”
  • “Kerry,” but not “John”

Links to other sites open a new browser window. Links to pages within Jeremiah Blog open in the current window.

The term “minority” means a group that is numerically smaller than another group. Confusing math with racism produces nonsense like, “the majority of voters in Chicago are minorities.”

The standard racial designations are:

  • Asian
  • Black
  • Latino
  • White

Avoid these unless they’re relevant to the topic. Use ethnic designations instead. Sen. Marco Rubio is Latino – from Cuba. Immigrating from Cuba is relevant to the senator’s ideas.

For transgender people, use the gender prevailing at the time:

  • Bradley Manning was court-martialed for espionage, but
  • Chelsea Manning is in prison

Use an em dash instead of a semicolon, and omit hyphens entirely.

When quoting, include as much text and context as needed to convey the speaker’s intention honestly. For example, the famous anti-American remark by George Soros, which almost never includes the second sentence.

If there is a good argument against Jeremiah’s position, not cited in the post, use a “see also” reference.

Janet Yellen is Chairman of the FOMC. Nothing about “chairman” or “president” indicates gender.


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