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Troubled Youth

Here is a photo of some kids blowing off steam in Cairo.  This is not to minimize the fact that some of these kids will go on to kill American personnel and destroy American assets.  The kids, though, are just frustrated – and brainwashed.  Jeremiah blames their leaders.

Arab kids, from Gibraltar to the Gulf, have no education and no prospects.  To keep the peace, governments promote indoctrination over algebra – ironically, an Arab invention – and an authoritarian version of Islam.  Of course, some do escape.  Those from wealthy families will become doctors and engineers, but – they are, so to speak, the “one percent.”

“They weaken the capacity to hold opposing viewpoints and to think outside the box. Their societal role focuses on the reproduction of control in Arab societies”

With no jobs, no skills, no future – oh, and no sex – these kids have a lot of pent-up energy.  So, after Friday prayers, they go downtown and burn the American flag.  It is easy to persuade them that Arabs are poor because Americans are rich.  This is the ever-popular zero sum fallacy.  It’s also easy to persuade faithful Muslims that Americans are decadent.  We drink, we fornicate, and we blaspheme.

What we did not do, though, is rob these Arab kids of their future.  Their leaders did that, but – what are they going to say?  You kids are cannon fodder because we couldn’t be bothered to build an economy?  Because the sheiks spent our oil money on yachts and palaces for themselves?  Probably not.

It’s easy to deconstruct  the propaganda that’s been fed to Arab kids in Tahrir square.  Now, what about American kids in Zuccotti Park?


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Newsflash – America is at War

The Times is shocked to learn that the CIA is fighting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.  The only thing disturbing about this is that CIA has just taken some casualties.  They had been notching up successful strikes against the enemy.  As you may know, we are fighting al-Qaeda there, so that we don’t have to fight them here.

The UN, always ready to insult America, is whining that our joint CIA-Afghani forces are “not accountable to any international authority.”  Well, neither is the enemy.  Furthermore, the same band of patriotic Afghanis without CIA help would also be “unaccountable.”  Welcome to the real world.

Seven brave Americans were killed this week in Afghanistan.  A moment of silence, please.

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Send More Troops!

soldierPresident Obama has stated that the war in Afghanistan is a priority, and now the generals have submitted their bid.  Joint Chiefs chairman Mike Mullen has told the Senate that more troops are needed.  Later this month, General Stanley McChrystal – an Obama appointee – is expected formally to request 40,000 troops. But the general’s plan is opposed by Democrats in Congress.  Now is the time for President Obama to show that he can lead the Democrats, not vice-versa.

The case for a troop surge is strong, and the stakes are high.  Al-Qaeda attacked America on 9/11 from their sanctuary in Afghanistan, and now they have a chance to destabilize nuclear-armed Pakistan.  The Bush administration’s mistake in Iraq was sending too few troops, and the surge under General Petraeus reversed it.  Only a strong force will deter al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  If the Obama administration is seen to hesitate, our enemies will be emboldened.  This will not only endanger America – it will lead to more American casualties on the ground in Afghanistan.

In 2007, candidate Obama said, “The first step must be … taking the fight to the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” and pledged to send more troops.  Let us hope President Obama remembers his pledge.  Also, let the American people remember – when we go to the polls in 2010 – that Congressmen Jim McGovern, Russ Feingold, Carl Levin, and John Murtha opposed it.

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Never Forget

Shed a tear today for those murdered on September 11, 2001, and for our soldiers in action against al-Qaeda.  Let us never forget that America has real enemies in the world.TERRORIST ATTACKS

In the aftermath of this heinous attack, some people asked the astonishing question, “Why do they hate us?”  Jeremiah doesn’t much care why they hate us.  If your response to a violent attack is to cozy up to your attacker and look for understanding, then you have Stockholm syndrome.  The only reliable way to deter an attack is to present a credible threat of retaliation.

Of course, it’s not easy to retaliate against a rabble that will hide among the innocent.  No one ever said it would be easy.  The Bush administration had a poor strategy for invading Iraq, and should have paid more attention to Afghanistan.  But they accomplished one key objective: for the past eight years we have fought al-Qaeda on their soil, not ours.

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