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Doubts about Climate Change

Old timers like Jeremiah recall that winters used to be longer and colder.  Old photos in ski lodges invariably show more snowpack and a bigger glacier.  There can be little doubt about climate change.  One can, however, doubt the policy response.

Do you agree with President Obama, that climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity?  Jeremiah can find, without exerting himself, at least a billion people who feel more imminently threatened by hunger.


Among resource crises, the shortage of fresh water is easily more urgent.  With oil at $40 a barrel, the world’s desalination plants should be running flat out.  Alas, water is universally mispriced and so squandered.

A global outreach to discourage meat would go a long way.  Raising animals for food is an egregious waste of resources, especially fresh water.  Plus, livestock produce methane, a much worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

The root cause of our resource problems is overpopulation.  So, why not a global program to promote birth control?  Better yet, a global program (backed by sanctions and incentives) to mandate equal rights for women.  You can’t go wrong emancipating half the world, plus – fertility drops off sharply once women stop being chattel.

 “Population policy has been abandoned in recent decades. It is barely mentioned in discussions on sustainability or development” – Simon Ross

Why are the world’s policy makers focused on climate change, a distant and secondary effect, instead of root causes and immediate returns?  There is no logic to it, unless we apply our imagination and think like a criminal.

State control over energy is the mother lode of political rent seeking.  Politicians wielding this power can make or break any company they choose.  Those who donate generously can be rewarded with “green energy” grants.  Those who don’t can be sanctioned, without much evidence.

You can’t do that with birth control.


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El Niño Grande

waterworld23Continuing our series on economics and meteorology, we find an interesting parallel involving large quantities of inflation and heat energy that have lately gone missing.

Climate skeptics have been enjoying the sixteen-year pause in global warming while, despite this contrary evidence, IPCC scientists are sticking by their models.

Simulations …  suggest that warming should have continued at an average rate of 0.21 °C per decade from 1998 to 2012.

This case of models versus evidence has an exact parallel in monetary policy.  Purists say that $4 trillion in quantitative easing must inevitably result in raging inflation, never mind that CPI is still quiescent.  They even use thermodynamic metaphors, like “pumping” and “hot money.”

Austrian [economists] made some very strong predictions about inflation — and rightly, given their model of how the world works.

For fun, we can add political labels.  Paul Krugman identifies monetary hawks as “the right.”  On climate change, the roles are reversed.  The left believes in IPCC modeling, and the right believe their thermometers.

So, where are the missing quantities?  The excess heat, as everyone knows, has gone into the Pacific Ocean, while the inflation has gone into assets like stocks, T-bills, and Ferraris.

Jeremiah expects both will come roaring back simultaneously, raising the sea level along with the price of milk.

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