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What Did You Expect?

Each side has its lunatic fringe.  We debunked a rightist one last month.  Here is an article from Bloomberg which traces the anti-Obamacare movement back to – wait for it – the Confederacy.  This is a clumsy  appeal to racism, and the argument is stretched so thin it actually ends up supporting the other theory of the civil war.

“There were zero Republican votes, so they are stiffed at that level,” said Merle Black, a professor of political science at Emory University.

Jeremiah’s own position on Obamacare is an eclectic one.  He is for the individual mandate, and against both employer and government provided insurance.   See here.

So, where was Johnson’s race card, when he pushed through Medicare and Medicaid?  The answer is that Johnson did the work.  He knocked heads, sold favors, and built a coalition.  Along the way, there was debate and a grudging consensus.  If you are going to enact landmark social programs, you have to do the work.

Jeremiah warned, back in 2009, against passing Obamacare on a strict partisan vote.  Republicans can now disavow any responsibility for the law and its consequences.  They have nothing to lose, and much to gain, from sabotaging it at every turn.  No one should be surprised at this result.


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Want Fries With That?

Jeremiah is thrilled to see the June payrolls report almost to 200,000.  May was revised upward, too.  So, what is going on with GDP?  Recovering employment should mean recovering GDP.  That is, more people working ought to mean more production.  Here at Zero Hedge, the assertion is that the BLS is lying about the jobs situation.

Well, if you look at the breakdown in Table B, you will see continued weakness in goods producing jobs, and losses in manufacturing – what we old timers call “good jobs.”  Job gains in the service industry might mean accountants and engineers, but no – the leaders are:

  • Administrative and waste services (+38,500)
  • Food services and drinking places (+51,700)

Amusement and gambling did pretty well, too.  If you are a young person at the bottom of the skills ladder, this hiring is good news for you, but it’s not great for the overall health of the economy.  We need a certain number of people with good jobs to pay the taxes and support the government.

It’s really easy to bring in another bartender or waiter and instead of one guy, have two guys working half as much.

Also, if you are in one of these service jobs, you may not be working full time.  We have noticed a lot of new faces at the local eatery, and we suspect there is some truth to this theory that they are staffing up so that they can dodge Obamacare – by cutting your hours.

As an “unintended consequence,” this one is hard to excuse.  The French have had arbitrary labor laws, with the same negative results, for years now.  Congress should have seen this coming when they passed the law.

See also:  How to Control Health Costs

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Black and White and Red

Researching the Windsor decision, we found that comment about being gay and black, and could not resist running this image.

TDCoupleThis is not one of those Benetton ads, calculated to offend.  It is a genuine solicitation from Toronto Dominion, a Canadian bank.  Gay marriage has been legal forever in Canada, and it’s a big business.  So, why is Jeremiah offended by all this?  An interracial gay couple?  Guess again – they’re Canadian!  They have nationalized health care.

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War on Women

Women’s rights be damned!  We have religious intolerance on our side, and a cadre of black-robed clerics to back us up.  Is this campaign advice from Iran?  No!  It’s the Republican Party’s master plan to become completely unelectable.

Having already alienated gays, the poor, and “minorities” of all colors, they are now going after the women.  If you’re a paleoconservative, it’s easy to mistake women for another minority – even though they’re 52% of the vote.

This year’s election should be about the economy.  America needs to debate the role of free enterprise versus the state, and – as a practical matter – we need more jobs.  We need the debate, and we can’t have it unless the Republicans stay relevant.

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ObamaCare’s Weakest Link

The Affordable Care Act has some problems, but the individual mandate is not one of them.  Conservatives are attacking this provision, on constitutional grounds, simply to poke holes in the Act.  This is an ironic position for conservatives, who ought to favor paying for emergency care which will otherwise be provided “free” by the hospitals.  Indeed, it was a conservative judge – Bush appointee Jeffrey Sutton – who recently ruled in support of the mandate.

We find that the minimum coverage provision is a valid exercise of legislative power by Congress under the Commerce Clause

Conservatives have written for and against the individual mandate.  Jeremiah’s position is given here.  The Act’s drafters erred only in making the mandate a legal requirement, and thus exposing it to the constitutional challenge.  They could just as easily have baked it into the tax code as, say, a new tax with an offsetting credit.  No, they can’t force you to eat spinach but –like it or not – the government can force you to buy health insurance.

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