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One-Party Rule

While we’re doing magazine covers, here is the latest from Newsweek proclaiming the end of the Republican party.  That top line reads, “GOP:  you’re old, you’re white, you’re history!”  As you know, Jeremiah dislikes racism in any form.  The conclusion, however, seems to be correct.  We have often written about how the GOP is out of touch with modern America.

No one will mourn the passing of the religious right, but we should be a little concerned about this new monopoly of power.  Jeremiah has been advocating for more political parties, not fewer.  America lacks the diversity of parliamentary politics, and it lacks a proper role for the opposition party.  So, if President Obama has indeed conquered the Republicans, then we are down to one-party rule.


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Powell Endorses Obama

General Colin Powell has endorsed President Obama for reelection in 2012.  The general also supported Obama in 2008.  Disgruntled conservatives are saying race was a factor. Actually, retired black Republican Secretaries of State are evenly divided between the two candidates.

Republicans should recall that General Powell, while he faithfully served two Republican presidents, has long been outside the main stream of his party.  Events have proved him right on Iraq, for instance, and he is also a moderate on social issues.  In a less polarized election, the general might have supported “Massachusetts moderate” Governor Romney.  Romney, if you look at his record instead of the primaries, is also on the left flank of his party.

Jeremiah stands on his policy of disregarding endorsements, although General Powell is certainly a cut above the usual run of celebrities.  Powell supported his endorsement with a number of reasons, but not including the economy.

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Nobel Prize Reduced LOL

Jeremiah was the first to condole President Obama when the Nobel committee lumbered him with their silly peace prize.  This “honor” placed the president in the company of Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, and Kofi Annan.

Many noted at the time that this award was intended to flatter the committee, rather than the recipient.  While the Nobel Prizes for science are justly respected, those for economics and “peace” are routinely awarded on the basis of socialism and Anti-Americanism.

Since the Nobel committee holds free markets in such low esteem, it was poetic justice to learn that they are going broke.  Jeremiah was, as they say on internet, rolling on the floor laughing his ass off.  Now, what the world needs is a serious prize awarded for real progress.  We nominate Bill Gates.

By the way, that diagram is the Deming Cycle, a vast improvement over “spend billions and hope for the best.”  This is advanced alien technology from the world of capitalism.

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Republicans for Obama

Living in an echo chamber can lead to poor decisions.  If you are a Republican, and tuned into Fox News, then you are convinced Barack Obama is OMG the worst president ever!  Since November’s election is going to be a walkover, the Republican primary is what matters.  Never mind those pesky moderates and wishy-washy Mitt Romney.  Now is your time to choose a proper Christian conservative – blissfully unaware that you are actually voting for Obama.

Before you cast that ballot, you might want to check out the competition.  President Obama is widely admired, on the other channels.  He is a fearsome campaigner, and he has built an epic nine-digit war chest.  For the Republican contenders, there is only one statistic that matters – and it’s not endorsements from church groups.

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A Clean Bill of Health

Democrats in Congress need a fallback plan, to save their health-care bill in case they lose a Senate seat in today’s election.  Here’s a plan they seem to have overlooked: work with the RepublicansJeremiah wrote back in October that the only responsible way to draft this bill was to engage both parties.

Now, it is the “Democratic Health Bill” only because certain Democrats, notably House Speaker Pelosi, were too arrogant to work with the other side.  Ms. Pelosi famously declared, “We won the election, and we’ll write the bill.”  Memo to Ms. Pelosi: you didn’t win the election.  Barack Obama won the election, and he promised bi-partisan cooperation.

“Let’s remove all doubt,” she says. “We will have health care one way or another.”

That hardly sounds like the formula for sound legislation.  Democrats are now in the position of supporting just any health bill – at any cost – and this will hurt them in November.

President Obama can put an end to the madness.  He can declare that he will not sign the bill unless it passes both chambers with bipartisan support.  With this one gesture, he can prove who really leads the Democratic Party – and save it from the likes of Ms. Pelosi.  Better to have a clean health-care bill next year, than a partisan disaster this year.

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A New Apollo Program

Lockheed Martin’s new print ad quotes President Kennedy inaugurating America’s space program.  Jeremiah waxed nostalgic, as the program is now winding to a close – concurrently, it seems,  with our economic supremacy.  So, we got to thinking – what program could President Obama initiate, that would have the same salutary effect on American industry?

I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.

Next month begins 2010, the perfect date for an energetic young president to rally the nation once more to an historic cause – but which cause?  America faces a number of challenges, to be sure, but Obama will not make his mark by putting out fires.

The new program must be audacious, but achievable.  It must have an inspiring goal, but also generate practical benefits.  We liked the idea of a rededicated Peace Corps –but that would again be copying Kennedy.  It will have to be a technology project.  Health care is a loser, climate change impossible to prove, and we could not now justify launching dollars into space.

We thought about energy independence, and then somebody mentioned fusion – brilliant!  Not snake-oil “cold fusion,” or desktop fusion, but serious industrial hydrogen-burning power plants.  Fusion power would instantly change the world’s political and economic landscape.

The petroleum economy would come to an end, as would global warming, and America’s trade deficit.  Oil-exporting dictatorships would have to reform, and peace might even come to the Mideast.  Unlimited clean power for the twenty-first century – the time for fusion is now.

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Obama “Wins” Nobel Prize

ButtonJeremiah offers his condolences today, for President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.  Mr. Obama is already President of the United States, a much higher honor than the rather ridiculous “peace prize.”  Today’s award is less an honor for the president than it is a bid for attention by the Nobel committee.

Especially insulting is the committee’s expectation that our president will “lead on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population” – instead of, say, what’s best for America.

Unlike the Nobel prizes for science, which are justly coveted by scientists, the peace prize is awarded by a cabal of flaming socialists.  Past nominees include Stalin and Mussolini.  For a U.S. President, it is comparable to a lapel pin that reads SUCKER.  The last one was – you guessed it – Jimmy Carter.

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