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End the Duocracy

If you are gay in America, then you pretty much have to be a Democrat – even if you are a gay entrepreneur wondering how your business will survive ObamaCare.  Likewise, if you are black – even if you are a black evangelical Christian.  Among Republicans, it’s the same story.  If you believe in free enterprise, then you have to accept some unpleasant social policies.

This means that no one in America is properly represented.  No wonder few people bother to vote.  Below is Jeremiah’s fantasy chart of representative democracy in the Senate.


This is based on a rough analysis of our current Senate.  Of the 53 Democrats, 7 are New Democrats.  We added the two Independents to this party, and hived off a few Greens for good measure.  Of the 45 Republicans, 5 are declared Libertarians and roughly half are Moderates.  That means the hypothetical Conservative party, including the religious right, is smaller than the Libertarian party.

Jeremiah would actually prefer fewer Socialists, but you get the idea.  Only when we end the two party system will we have true democracy.  The next time you feel like Occupying something, or Tea Partying – the next time you are called to march for the red or the blue – think first about breaking the duocracy.


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